Photographic examination of the current „landscape“ surrounding the condition of autism, by means of

  • (literally) landscape, architectural and interior design photographs near, outside and inside facilities that are connected to autism
  • portraits of specialists, such as self advocates, physicians and others
  • conceptual photographs that aim to illustrate the inner workings of one autistic mind (if you have met one, you have met just this one)

#actuallyautistic work in progress

Backyard of Stem Cell clinic that claims to offer treatment against autism, Belgrade, Serbia
Treatment chair for infusions, Belgrade, Serbia
“Emotional Competence Training”, LWL-Clinic Dortmund-Aplerbeck, Germany
Ulrich Zielke, psychiatrist, specialized in autism diagnoses. LWL-Clinic, Dortmund-Aplerbeck, Germany

Dr. Wenn Lawson, autistic self advocate
“Beautiful Mind Clinic”, Theran, Iran
Steve Silberman, science writer and author of “Neurotribes”

Music Therapy, “Café Downtism”, Tehran, Iran
Daycare facility for autistic youth, Tehran, Iran