„What’s in your bag?“

  • 🎒 I’m using that backpack from Master of Photography
  • 📷 My main body is five year old digital full-frame camera, I almost exclusively use just one standard zoom, a 24-70 mm f/2.8
  • ⚡️ My main flash is a standard speedlite, I’m using it mostly off-camera with a remote trigger.
  • My travel tripod / lightstand is called “Brian“, made by a british company called 3 Legged Thing.

“What else do you need, apart from photo equipment?”

„What equipment would you recommend to start out in photography?“

Get a camera which allows you to control aperture and exposure. Any entry level crop-sensor DSLR will do. A smartphone is not a proper camera! Get a standard zoom with a “full frame equivalent” of 24-70mm, e. g. a 18-55mm lens. Check out this kit. Get a cheap flash and a wireless trigger. Then: 1. Start without flash, go manual, experiment with aperture and exposure. 2. Add on-camera flash. Experiment by tilting the head, bounce the light on walls. 3. Get the flash off the camera and use a remote trigger. Experiment, try, then try some more.

“Can you look at my portfolio / Can you give me recommendations?”

tl;dr: Terrbibly sorry, I can’t.

I get this question a lot and I feel very priviledged that people care enough to ask. However, please consider that this is part of my livelihood. E. g. for two and a half years I worked for the University of applied Sciences and Art Dortmund, advising prospective photography students on their portfolios. hmu if you’re interested in portfolio reviews within a workshop.